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President's Message

New Season, a letter from Claude Short


Welcome to the 2016-2017 dig season! I hope you all have a great time!

Well, we’ve started a new season. We are walking on new ground! We have started working on the outlying areas of the ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern). Our fieldwork has expanded beyond excavation and now more closely reflects the actual work archaeologists do in the field.

The outlying areas were identified several years ago and have been on our radar since. It is now time to “Git ‘er done!” (Larry, The Cable Guy). This is the beginning of a new adventure!

For those of you that don’t know- The site that we have worked at for over 50 years has been closed to the public. BLM decided to close it because of the vandalism and thefts that have occurred since last January. We’ve been completely cleaned-out. There is no equipment or facilities left. At this point, it looks like the site will be closed for quite a while. Once the people who took our equipment, etc. have been apprehended and put in jail (and our equipment is returned), we will look at re-opening it. But for now, please join us at our new Fieldwork Area!

The TL dating has not come in yet. We hoped to have it by the end of last dig season, but the lab is over-loaded with work and the dating has been delayed. The most recent “estimated” date of delivery is sometime this winter.

Once again, I am coming to you all with a request- PLEASE Support the Friends of Calico Early Man Site, Inc. There are several ways to donate.

We have links on our web-site ( where you can officially join the Friends of Calico, donate through Pay-Pal or Go-Fund-Me, or you can go to Amazon-Smile and ask that a portion of your purchase be donated to the Calico Mountains Archaeology Site. We also accept checks, money orders or cash! Donations are tax deductible!

Friends of Calico Early Man Site, Inc.